Student Life

Extra-curricular activities are privileges available to students who fulfill their academic and behavioural responsibilities at St. Mother Teresa’s. All students are encouraged to join clubs, groups, and/or teamsIt is our hope, that through participation, individuals will develop an appreciation of their free time and a positive attitude toward recreational physical activity.  

Clubs & Activities

Grades 9-12

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We believe that the physical body is as important as the intellectual mind in dealing with the demands and stresses of everyday life. We invite all students and staff to participate in the activities offered.

Interschool Play

Schedules and Standings for inter-school play can be found at

Grades 7-8

Fall Sports

Winter Sports

Spring Sports

Grades 9-12


St. Mother Teresa's  Intramural Sports Program provides an opportunity for SMT students and staff to participate in a variety of sports competitions from Monday to Thursday at Lunch (11:40-12:05) in Gym A/B.